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What is asktherabbit?

2015 I changed my life completly. I gave up my „normal“ life, sold my stuff and went on a full time journey. A lot of things changed since that.

asktherabbit is just a little insight in my travels. I share my images and experiences. I don`t really work consistantely on this blog but somehow I love it, so I keep it going. Several months I wrote nothing, I even took the blog offline, then online again. I feed it randomly, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some articles are German, some are English. I cannot decide which language I prefer 😉


What`s the content?

Impressions are mostly single images and some additional thoughts.

Travel stories show more images, interesting and not so interesting stuff.

Board love – god damn, I love boarding. SUP is my favourite but I also do surfing, longboarding and recently started painting on boards. I fear, I got addicted 😀


Who writes this stuff?

I`m Nela. Digital nomad, creative and ocean lover from Austria. Travelling since October 2015 and the worst travel blogger ever.

I run the design agency visual.addiction. This is what I`m really good at 😉 We create awesome graphic design and websites for our clients. We work completely location independent. So if you are ever in need of the best design agency on the planet drop me a line. We are definitely your best match 😉



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