Coastal walk Sydney



The Sydney coastal walk is one of the most beautiful coastal walks I have ever seen. And I walked a lot of coasts. Fuck, I really love it. And I miss it.

I put my running shoes on. It was freakin`hot but I was so keen on running this way. I just had to do it. Of course I had to walk from time to time to not die from the heat. There are water stations from time to time where you can refill your bottle for free which I did several times.

As I ran along the coast I saw several beaches, the huge cementary (I will definitely post pictures from there as well – this place is magic!) and of course I stopped from time to time to either take pictures or just enjoy the stunning view. There is also a great spot for doing some yoga and meditation. It was breathtaking!

I wish I could describe it in words how I felt when I was standing on those cliffs watching the endless ocean, feeling the breeze and hearing the waves smashing against the rocks. Nature at it`s very best! It made me feel reverent and peaceful at the same time.

Our planet is such a beautiful place. I definitely want to go there again!


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