Boards & Roads SUP Europe Tour Vol. 1


This is the start of an awesome summer! A summer of boards, roads, water, sun and fun!

Some weeks ago, I was still in Bali, I thought, it might be a great idea to travel through Europe and paddle various spots with my SUP. As we all know, thoughts form your reality, and shortly after the first thought of it arose, I find myself sitting in a car with my dear friend Maxx.

In the trunk:

  • 3 SUP Boards
  • 1 Skate-Longboard
  • 2 Scooters
  • and lots of other more and less useful stuff
  • some Radler 😉
  • 5 cameras (360° cam, GoPro, mirrorless cam, 2 smartphones)

The plan:

Travelling through Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany and paddle as many and various spots as possible!

So this is the first Europ SUP Tour and probably some more will follow 😀

YEAH, let`s go!!


P.S. I just came back from Bali to Austria, the trip starts the day after. Hopefully I won`t be too jetlagged. hahaa

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